Reconstructive Surgery - genitoplastic surgery

Male Genitoplastic Surgery / Circumcision

Circumcision is the surgical removal of part or all of the foreskin. It can be performed at any age, however for safety reasons it is generally recommended that a child is aged six months or older before they have a full (general) anaesthetic. Adults can undergo the circumcision surgery under local anaesthetic as an office procedure.

Some clients request circumcision so that they can enjoy greater sensation during sex. When performed correctly a circumcision enables one to have comfortable erections and intercourse and is also thought to be more hygienic. Other reasons for circumcision include tightness of the foreskin (phimosis) and difficulty retracting the foreskin over the glans (head) of the penis, recurrent infections, religious beliefs or purely for aesthetic reasons.

Before the procedure you will have a private consultation with Dr Beagley. At this consultation a detailed discussion is necessary to fully understand the reasons for surgery. Depending on the amount of foreskin present and the reasons for the surgery, the circumcision can be tailored to precise requirements. The amount of foreskin removed can be varied according to the client's wishes. Sometimes only a small amount of foreskin is removed and the glans can be still covered in the flaccid state. Some men desire complete removal of the foreskin. Many opt for a conservative removal of foreskin leaving a cuff of foreskin just covering the base of the glans. These considerations are discussed fully at the consultation.

The procedure

The operation can be conducted under a full general anaesthetic (where you will be asleep throughout the procedure) or local anaesthetic. You can choose the best form of sedation in consultation with the specialist.  The pros and cons of each type of anaesthetic will be explained. All methods minimise post-operative pain.

After the procedure

The procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis without the need to stay overnight. You may experience discomfort for a few days after the procedure but painkillers will be given to you to take home. Absorbable stitches are normally used which do not require removal. A see through plastic dressing is applied to the penis and this is left intact for 10-14 days. Passing urine will be painless and will not be affected by the operation. A catheter is not required.

Risks of surgery

As with any surgery, the risks or circumcision include bleeding, infection, excessive skin removal and abnormal scarring. These risks are exceedingly uncommon when the surgery is undertaken by a competent and well trained surgeon. Mr Beagley is a fully trained Plastic Surgeon with a special interest in complex genital surgery and offers a high standard of care to all of his patients. There have been reports of circumcisions resulting in inadvertent damage to the glans, urethral injury, loss of penis, and even death. Mr Beagley has not had any first hand experience with any of these complications. In capable hands an infant circumcision is a perfectly safe operation and carries no more risks than adult circumcision.

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